Gold and Silver: Hello… I’m back!

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  • on October 25th, 2011


Silver ($SI_F) looking like it wants higher as it’s poking out of its range — has room to the 200SMA.


Gold ($GC_F) reversed at 1705 resistance — but looks like it has room until 50SMA.

We wanted $SPY at 126.2 for short and went to 126 in pre-market before reversing.   As for support it’s all about gap fills — 122 and 117.5.

We had $IWM as a short on our newsletter at 74 for days (and tweeted several times)– today it hit the level pre-market and reversed hard.   We see that happening a lot lately — hitting resistance overnight futures/pre-market and not in regular session.   Note that was first test — next test will likely break-out of the range.

Copper ($HG_F) failed break-down last night through 3.50 but through there and has room to 50SMA and daily resistance near 3.65.    Copper has been wild lately and we’ve been staying away — massive death days followed by rip days.   Lots of things going on in the background there and too volatile for us to get involved.

Huge move in crude ($CL_F) that stalled at the 200SMA today.   Lots of congestion ahead — further upside should be tough as lots of stickiness around 95.

MoMo getting murdered left and right ($GMCR $NFLX $AMZN), market extended into resistance:  we’re happy to hone those intraday trading strategies.

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